What to Do to Not Lose Relevance in the Migration of the Site

GT Metrix evaluates website load time, excessive script usage and server optimization settings. Also, it helps you to optimize the images. To have a good ranking, you need to get at least B/B with grades above 80%.What company doesn’t want to be at the top of its segment and be the reference that people are looking for? Today, these predicates are linked to the company’s success in social networks. That is, for you to reach the highest levels of the market, you need to be successful on social networks. So, below we list tips that will help you in this mission.

Why do website migration

Check out! 1- Plan your behavior on social networks Starting with what is obvious, but it seems that not everyone takes it seriously: you can’t adopt a new attitude on social networks all the time! So, if you often change the agency that manages the media, it is very likely that you are causing a break in your company’s communication. Start with the basics. Your participation must be strategic, because this is a sales tool. So treat it as such. Define Colombia WhatsApp Number List your target audience, study them and create a content plan based on their preferences. Bring relevant things for him to interact with your company and engage to increase your reach. Define: communication language post format update frequency.

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How to perform website migration

Topics to be addressed Plan so that the path is clear and so, even if you need to change drivers, you will reach your destination. Understand the differences between Social Networks Social networking is not all the same. With that in mind, you need to think about the best USA Person strategies for each channel. On Facebook , the world’s largest social network with over 2.7 billion users, you have the freedom to share content in the most diverse formats: video, photo, text, gif… the possibilities are endless. Already on Instagram , there are some limitations of format and dimensions.


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