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Thousands of companies have adopted this business model and eliminated a number of problems ranging from failures in manual processes to the difficulty in generating revenue. Below, we list the top 4 problems you eliminate using recurring billing! default The first problem to be reduce and perhaps even eliminated with recurring billing is bad debt. Using recurring billing via credit card, problems such as late payment and forgetting the invoice are reduced. It is also a way to prevent customers from choosing whether or not to pay an invoice, a common situation in times of crisis. It is worth mentioning that the decrease in default is directly linke to the chosen payment method.

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If the subscription is charge via bank slip, the chances Use strategic of default increase. Therefore, we indicate charges via credit card or debit account. Another form of payment that promises to help reduce default rates is the PIX. In another article, we explain how recurring payment with PIX works . Read and clear your doubts. Barriers to customer acquisition. Every company that wants to grow is subject to face the challenge of acquiring new customers. Businesses that Albania WhatsApp Number List sell by subscription can overcome this barrier because they have the possibility to be more flexible. It is possible to offer alternative plans with different values ​​and services for all customer profiles.

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We commonly see options for monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual plans, with greater discounts linked to the length of the contract, but, in addition, it is also possible to customize the service and products offered in each plan. Thus, your company reaches more people and manages to jump the customer acquisition barrier. Instability in revenue generation Every company has gone through the uncomfortable situation of selling a lot in one month and USA Person the following month seeing sales plummet. In addition to generating frustration, this is a scenario that hinders business management and makes it impossible for intelligent investment planning to be out.


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