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How to Use Ahrefs 11 Actionable Use Cases

There are many tools and features in Ahrefs that can help boost your SEO/marketing efforts. But to a complete newbie, our SEO platform can seem overwhelming. So if you lack experience in SEO tools like Ahrefs, I have selected 11 simple and super actionable use cases that you can try right now and get immediate value from. How to Use Every business owner wants to know how their competitors are doing. Are they getting more traffic than me? Is their traffic growing, or has it hit a plateau? Will I beat them at my current growth rate, or should I work harder?

Ahrefs’ Site Explorer

Helps you answer these questions by showing you how much search traffic your competitors get and allowing you to benchmark your own search traffic executive data against them. As seen from the screenshot above, our own website ( gets over 1 million visits per month from Google search. Back in 2019, we surpassed one of our main competitors ( in terms of organic search traffic. There are two important caveats, though: Ahrefs only reports the search traffic of a website. It does not account for direct traffic, referral traffic, traffic from social networks, etc. The traffic numbers in Ahrefs are estimates. These estimations will often deviate quite a bit from the actual numbers that you see in your Google Search Console. But that discrepancy should stay consistent for all websites within one niche.

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How to Use give you

An example to better explain that second point. Let’s say Ahrefs shows 20% less search traffic than what your website gets, according to Google Search USA Person Console. What this means is that our tool would likely under-report the traffic of your competitors by that same 20% too. One of the keys to growing your traffic from Google is to study the popular searches in your industry. This is to ensure you’ll be creating content about things that many people are searching for. In SEO, we call it doing keyword research. Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer lets you gauge the popularity of any search query and helps you discover thousands of relevant keywords that you may want to target. 

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