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Machine Learning New GA4 metrics What happens to historical GA data? Why GA4? The name chosen by the company represents the current version in which the platform is. This will be the fourth model of Analytics, which officially appeared in 2005. The last version, Universal Analytics, dates from 2013 and will remain in the air for practically 10 years. GA4 debuted in 2020 in beta and will become definitive on July 1, 2023. What changes with the GA4? From the structure to the way data is captured, GA4 changes a lot compared to Universal. But the main ones are: GA4 eliminates the Property View The structure was remodeled and if before the platform separated into “Account”, “Property” and “Property View”, it is now “Account”, “Property” and “Data Flow”.

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Event based engine In addition to changing the structure, the update modifies some features, such as the way data is captured and the reports. That’s because the old version relied on pageviews to load the code. But, now that has changed. GA4 relies on events to collect data. That is, it identifies user actions on the website or app to account for that session. Some examples of Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List events that are already configured by the tool: page views outbound clicks rollovers Site search file downloads and others Another difference between the versions is that now you have to configure the events you want to measure.

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In addition to the events mentioned, there are many others. So, you have to choose the ones that make sense to follow so you don’t miss any important data. See the full list of events available on GA4 . GA4 enables app and website analytics Furthermore, if before Universal Analytics was focused on websites, now things have changed. With brands investing more and USA Person more in their own applications , Google felt the need to adapt the tool to integrate this functionality. So, GA4 makes it possible to measure your website, apps ( IOS and Android ) and even an integrated flow between website and app. Attention: to measure application data you will need to create a Firebase account , Google’s tool. Platform uses.


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