Understand the Differences Between Frontend, Backend and Api

That said, let’s talk about one of the main actions involving Digital Marketing: Email Marketing . Regardless of the segment and size of the companies, it is very important to have automated relationship rules via email. Email is the direct contact that many companies have with their customers and therefore requires a lot of care. Research shows that over 90% of adults use email, and over 60% daily. Most likely not, so why would you send the same message to people who have different needs? That’s what lead segmentation is for.

Languages ​​for front-end programming

The numbers are impressive, do you want to see it. Billion emails are sent daily 72% of customers prefer email as a communication channel with companies More than 4 billion people use email Only 46% of Brazilian companies carry out email marketing campaigns with promotion You can already understand why you need to use email marketing, right? But for that, you can’t just start sending messages to your contact base. You can, but you’ll probably end Cyprus WhatsApp Number List up on a very unwanted VIP list: the spam box. If your intention is to increase sales with email marketing, follow these instructions: Segment the lead base Would you sell candy to a diabetic? Hair products to a bald guy.

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Languages ​​for back-end programming

Segmentation allows you to separate customers into groups by taste, stage of the buying journey and interest. In addition, it also helps in customizing messages, which makes it easier to build a relationship of trust with the customer. But, to do this segmentation, we USA Person recommend that you know your company’s personas. If you don’t know what personas are, read this article and find out! Use Call to Action If the goal of your email marketing campaign is to increase sales, you need customers to buy, so you have to tell them what and how to buy.


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