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Carry part of the language of each operating system, making it more accessible and democratic. Resource saving Comparing with native apps, hybrids are usually cheaper, because they are not developed in their own language. Thus, it is not necessary to hire people to maintain the app on each platform (iOS or Android). Less development time. In general, as they do not have such a specific language that would require hiring a team of specialists in each one of them, hybrid applications are faster to make. How to make a hybrid app? To create a hybrid application, today, we have some frameworks that allow the development of a solution that leads to an experience close to the native one.

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Here, at Olivas Digital, the front-end of the applications is The pages are done through: ionic react native. In the backend we use: Laravel or Lumen Is it worth having a hybrid app? The choice depends very much on the objectives of the company. If you don’t have an app yet and want to test public acceptance, not needing so Brazil WhatsApp Number List many resources, the hybrid app is a good way out. It can work very well as a support for your virtual store , for example. In addition, if your investment power at the moment is not very high, it is also a good alternative. In the end, the decision must be strategic.

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In any case, regardless of your decision for the type of application. You should look for an expert when it comes to taking the project off paper. And with that, we can help. We work on the development of hybrid and native applications, delivering the best solution for companies. So get in touch and let’s talkThe development of a website or application is a complex task that involves many areas and different professionals. For those USA Person who have looked for this type of service and talked about the project with a programmer, they have probably heard terms like front-end, back-end and API.


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