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Copy a ready and effective action plan. See examples of our clients’ successes. Receive free access Types of Remarketing on Google Remarketing in. Google Ads occurs in several types of ads that differ in their functioning. I will try to briefly explain each of them. Of course the legitimacy of their use will depend on the situation and the effects you want to achieve. Search remarketing This type of remarketing in Google search results involves setting higher. Bids for people who have already visited or interacted with your website. This type of remarketing works very well for campaigns where keywords are very expensive. Because you only show ads in search results to people who are actually interested.

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If a given user was looking for general key phrases and came across your website. But for some reason did not decide to make a purchase and still enters the given keywords into the search engine VP Security Email Lists it is worth displaying an ad with a discount code or other special offer to encourage him to finalize the transaction just at your place. To do this you need to increase bids for such a remarketing list. Automatically increasing bids for people who have previously visited your website will increase the visibility of your ads and thus the likelihood that a potential customer who already knows your offer will click on your ad.

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Google Network Remarking GDN Remarketing on the Google network is all advertisements that take the form of graphics or text and track users of your website on other websites or USA Person applications that they use. An attractive graphic form a prominent company name and a visible logo will make it possible for a user who has recently left your website to quickly click and return to your website. In the absence of a click the company will be remembered by the recipient anyway and will begin to be identified with the product service that the recipient has recently been looking for.


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