What is Similar web PRO and what is it for

Similar web Pro is the paid version of the Similar web tool (I told you about the free version a few weeks ago) where you have more. What is Similar features and gives you more data than the free version. With Similar web you can obtain data from more than 100 million web pages, 4.7 million. Applications and it also has the trust of companies of great international prestige. Such as Google, Adidas, The Economist, Booking etc.

What is Similar Tutorial on how to use

If you have seen the article I mentioned previously, you will have seen that this tool in the free version. Above all, shows us a lot of valuable information about the company data competition. And in this article, I’m going to show you all the extras you’ll have access to with this paid version. I will explain to you step by step how to enter the tool and what each of its functions and sections are for. Intelligently, Similar web detects. Above all, your possible direct competitors and marks them with a blue box. Yes guys, this happens and I know many people who have had to leave their web project for one of these reasons. And it’s normal, in the end family is everything or so they say… But if this happens, don’t lose all your years of work, consider selling your website.

company data

Similar web PRO main panel

Above all, In the 4 previous points you can always break down the information in the blue button that appears on the right of each box. Now you will know USA Person what information each section contains, explaining  each section of the Similar web menu. Within the same section. Below it shows you the main search engines from which the analyzed websites get traffic, as well as the TOP keywords for each of them. You just have to find an interesting niche and spend. A few months creating content and doing SEO strategies, and when the website is profitable, sell it.


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