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What many people don’t know is that, to launch a service like this, there are several rules and processes that, without the help of technology and process automation, would practically make most businesses unfeasible. Imagine that for each Uber ride it was necessary to track the approval of the customer’s credit card, record who was the driver who made the ride and, on the same day, schedule a deposit in his account for the same date that you will receive from the card credit, usually 30 days after the race. Complex, isn’t it? Especially when the volume of trips reaches around 10 million per month, according to estimates in São Paulo alone.

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The only solution to solve this problem is to make the process completely automated, without the need for human intervention. And this became possible and cheap with the emergence of several fintechs in Brazil and in the world. The model is so successful that the vast majority of payment gateways already have this feature and work in a very similar way. Understand the roles of each in this process: Marketplace : company responsible for the  website or application through which the user will buy. It is who offers the service of various third parties and who holds the main receipt account at the payment gateway Seller : who, in fact, has the product or will provide the service.

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A sub-account link to the main account in the payment gateway Payment gateway. Company responsible for processing payments with credit card operators, bank slips, etc and manage the payment split Customer : who is buying But, in practice, how does split payments work? When the customer makes a purchase on a marketplace, the purchase amount is credited to the payment. Gateway company’s checking account Automatically deducts fees for the transaction and the balance is credited to Marketplace and Seller accounts. It is possible to transfer the amount to the current account of the company’s preferred bank daily or not, depending on the way agreed with the payment gateway.


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