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The main ones are: you are breaking the rules of the LGPD (General Law on Personal Data Protection) and can be fined for it. Emails are a relationship and these potential customers are unlikely to be involved as they have no relationship. With your company; hardly any People will buy stuff from companies he doesn’t understand. Email marketing tools won’t allow you to use purchased lists. The deliverability of your emails; your business will experience disgruntled customers because. It is very strange, even unpleasant, to receive emails from people you don’t know; your emails may be blacklisted and unreachable service.

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The mxtoolbox website has a free tool to check the health of your domain. Buying Contact Lists Can Be Illegal All of the points we mentioned earlier are very important, but if you need a clearer warning, be aware that buying leads can be illegal. E-mail is a part of personalAustralia WhatsApp Number List privacy and shall not be disclosed without authorization. This is even more so with the use of LGPD, which penalizes companies that share data. Users can sue your company. While this may seem like an easy solution, lead buying is a very problematic practice that does more harm than good.

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Therefore, in order to build a healthy lead base and avoid risky situations, you must structure your company’s capture process. It may take some time, investment in marketing strategies and a lot of testing, but the end result will be sustainable. Use Partner Lists Properly If you attend an event or partner with a company that legally collects people’s records.  They agree to share data with the partner, all is not lost. Import this data directly into USA Person your lead pool can problematic and suffer from the objections we mentioned above. The best way to take advantage of this partnership is to arrange for the partner to send a few emails to the base introducing their company.


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