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Click billing for each click e.g. when the recipient is to click on a banner button or something else. CPL Cost Per Lead – the cost of a contact with a potential customer which we can then use. To present an offer or sale to him; CPS Cost Per Sale cost per sale; accrues only. When the recipient goes through the entire sales funnel and makes a purchase. CPO Cost Per Order – a settlement method analogous to CPS with the only difference that we pay. For the very fact of placing an order which does not have to be tantamount to a sale. CPA Cost Per Action cost for performing an action. In this way everything that cannot be settled in one of the above ways is settled.

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It can be for example subscribing to a newsletter entering a website downloading a file and other activities. These are the basic billing models in performance marketing if necessary they can be VP Media Email Lists combined with each other if the nature of our campaign requires it. Conversion Conversion rate is extremely important in performance marketing. It is on its basis that the effectiveness of advertisements is assessed and the effects are accounted for. It is expressed as a percentage and is the ratio of ad clicks or purchases downloads leads left to the number of ad impressions.

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What analytics looks like in Tinkoff Seller

For example we have launched an ad the effect of which is to download a free ebook by the user. The ad reached people but the ebook was downloaded by people; the conversion is thus. So if your ad is USA Person shown to users but only of them respond we will only pay for those people. On the one hand it’s good because the expenses will be very low despite the fact that the ad was seen by a lot of people but on the other hand such a low conversion. with an average conversion e.g. in ecommerce is by no means a cause for joy.


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