Nissan deliberately leak some

Ad what scale it could take. to the U.S. in . they want to make sure the sports car was seen by Americans as a clever vehicle that didn’t ne to hide behind competitors. But to create that feel. you’d have to completely resign the release. Renault-Nissan managing director Carlos Ghosn said. “If we advertise. we fail. His idea was to avoid traditional advertising miums like big TV or print ads and instead rely on extensive product placement campaigns in video games. bringing Nissan the attention they want to serve customers when it went to market.

When Nissan brought the new model

Ghosn struck a deal with Sony’s video game Costa Rica Phone Number List division. Sony  Arts for a downloadable version of the new Nissan to be releas on the same day he reveals the car to the public at the Tokyo Motor Show. Nissan deliberately chose different video games because they tend to be play by a group of passionate car enthusiasts who know Japan’s history. Most importantly. Nissan’s strategy shows that the auto industry must shift much of its ad spending to other channels in order to successfully reach customers. The automaker has struck deals with various game developers over the years. but this time Nissan went a step further.

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Computer Entertainment and Electronic

The manufacturer work closely with USA Person Sony and (EA) to coordinate the release of the current model.  details of the car on the Internet and provid Sony and officials with some prototypes for test drives. All those involv in this project are committ to complete confidentiality. In photos that can be seen online. the vehicle is still in camouflage. Ne for Spe ​​players were given the chance to play with the prototype before launch. However. the final design of is not yet known. Finally. at launch at the Tokyo Motor Show. the model will be available for download without the camouflage pattern. A few weeks after the Tokyo Motor Show. Japan’s new video game. Ne for.


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