Methods and working techniques

How can data collection be implement in a structur manner? What special features arise that must be consider? Data Analysis: What analytical methods can be us to meaningfully analyze and interpret data for a particular problem? and findings in a meaningful way so that the data is also available to other relevant employees? Our further training in market research will lead you to success! The German Marketing Academy is your experienc and competent partner for successful further training in the field of market research. For over ten years, we have support clients from a wide range of industries in planning and implementing.

Documentation How do you present results

Market research projects.  to provide help Italy Phone Number List and great tips, even for difficult industries and customer groups. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to network with fellow workshop participants and learn to think outside the box. Trainers experienc in the field of market research are on hand to answer any of your questions. In addition, you have the opportunity to communicate directly with participants on current topics and experiences as well as useful practice tips. We deliver all of our seminars either as further training on our premises or as in-house seminars at your site. Market Research Refresher Training What you can expect as part of your Market Research Refresher Training During the two-day Market Research.

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This ensures that we are always able

Refresher Training you will learn all the USA Person of modern market research. You will gain the tools to understand your target group and make sound strategic decisions accordingly. You will leave the seminar with proven practical knowlge and a solid understanding of modern market research tools. The seminar also covers the field of social mia market research and qualitative market research methods. Both experienc marketing managers and novices in marketing can benefit from our further training in market.


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