Social Media Marketing Dos And Don’ts

It’s also worth experimenting with different elements: the text on the collocation button the number and type of form fields to fill out headers photos and more. Longer content also helps to present all the benefits of the product and dispel any objections. Remember that for one user a feature of the product will be a benefit and for another it will not be but a feature that will be a key value for the second one will be irrelevant for the first one. Therefore it is better to describe both features to reach each of these users. If the product has many advantages and will give a lot of benefits to different users then its description will necessarily be long.

Customer Acquisition Cost

Headlines and copywriting The language of benefits Remember that even if you do not sell anything but offer it for free like our free course you still encourage the recipient to take CIO & CTO Email List advantage of your offer. To convince him effectively use the language of benefits. Messages and language should evoke emotions keep the user’s focus and attention and effectively convince them to take action. Use the AIDA method according to which you should first catch the recipient’s attention then arouse his interest in the product arouse the desire to have it and finally convince him to buy it.

C Level Executive List

Customer Lifetime Value

Social Proof and Opinions One of the elements of the language of benefits and effective argumentation is placing the so-called social proof positive opinions about a product or service. While on a USA Person landing page with a free offer this can be omitted after all the recipient does not risk anything with a paid product it is worth reassuring him that it has been checked by other people. Call to action a call to action A very important element of a landing page is the CTA call to action. The most important places to place a CTA are the beginning and the end of the page this is where the recipient encouraged by numerous benefits decides to buy or perform another action.


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