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Provider for scientific continuing ucation. Online campus with new platform The online campus of the German Academy of Marketing has also been relaunch and adapt to the new network conditions. The revision of the e-learning platform has been operating since 2009 was necessary and successful. The new platform offers greater interactivity and mobile applications. About users use the product through the platform.

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In the field of blend learning and in the field Germany Phone Number List of pure e-learning. Approximately courses and solutions are currently offer. To Dim Online Campus!  the benefit of customers, the concept of e-Learning Kit was develop. As part of these e-learning kits, A combination of elements is offer to its clients to ensure learning relevant to marketing applications. Apart from the pure learning units (webinar e-books), the special feature of the e-learning kit is the integrat practical checklist. These are valuable to users as they support the implementation of what they have learn. Currently, no other eLearning provider in marketing offers a similar solution. Two new e-learning kits have been creat in Q1, Internet Marketing Trends and Internet.

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E-Learning Kit To further optimize

Marketing Fundamentals. Download the USA Person eLearning and open areas The past few years have also shown that webinars are not only complementary but also establish as a comprehensive independent learning solution for the ucation sector. has been hosting webinars with its customers since 2009. Our extensive experience in designing and delivering webinars means we now host approximately 3 webinars per quarter for internal clients. Our webinars are also now set up in the open workshop area, and in some cases, up to 3 participants can be train on technical topics at the same time.

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