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Your own message in this regard. we publish at least press releases. Themes are not pre-set. as these should be up-to-date. so planning can’t really be done. My advice. Just do it and use common sense. I always think. what excites me probably excites a lot of members and we all tick the same way. . What percentage of your corporate communications is online PR. How do you currently measure the success of your journalism. . Online PR is a huge part of journalism. Publications in local newspapers are rather sparse. Unfortunately.

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The local mia is unwilling to participate in Bolivia Phone Number List our actions.newspapers has been very successful. This is mandatory because our region has a very high percentage of population with Turkish immigrant background. Success is measur by. We store keywords here. which we use to monitor the Internet permanently. Not possible. but doable. Ultimately. we try to make sure we realize when we’re being talk about. Supports us with monthly evaluations. where the ranking and development of the defin keywords are transparent to us. . To what extent does online PR help you connect your customers with ü or ü more closely.

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Attract new potential customers to learn USA Person about the latest news. . cover. the more awareness we get. Ultimately. it’s the watering can principle. We know people are talking about these events. If you then read some relat information with pictures from patrons and members. it will be further clarifi. When people get notic in publications. they usually feel a sense of pride. For example. we have receiv reports that our trip to an amusement park is being discuss intensively in area schools. This brings us a lot of younger customers. You cannot reach this target group through interest rates. . Sir. thank you.


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