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You’re probably wondering how it is possible that the Google Ads system displays image ads that track you even on other websites. The answer is quite simple other websites rent Google empty space on their pages as part of the AdSense system. Thanks to this Google Ads can display ads dedicated to specific users in this place. Most of the ads you see on the big portals are st up just for you. Everyone can see their own sets of ads depending on how they behave online.

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An example of a remarketing ad on one of the news sites. Of course not every ad in the Google Ads system has to be remarketing. If we assume that you haven’t visited any website in the last few days VP Maintenance Email Lists Google will show general ads. Remember however that some of the ads you see on different pages are the result of remarketing by the owners of the pages. You can check information about a given ad by clicking on the small icon in the upper right corner. After clicking on it you will see information about the given ad and why it is displayed to you. Information about a given ad. From this information you can also ask the Google Ads system to stop displaying the above advertisement for example when you are no longer interested in a given product.

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Also remember that your potential customers can also do this when you use remarketing. How can you use remarketing on Google? Remarketing in Google Ads can be used in many ways. Below USA Person I will present some examples of solutions that we use for our clients. Building brand awareness Usually it takes several up to a dozen or so contacts with the brand for a given customer to make a purchase or send an inquiry. It’s really rare for potential customers to take any action after first contact with a given company.


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