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At this point, the work of the pre-seller comes into play. The Find out what role of the pre-salesman in moving from MQL to SQL In an inbound sales operation. One of the objectives is precisely to scale the sales process. But there is also a commitment from the sales team to the marketing team that contact with the lead happens as quickly as possible. Depending only on salespeople, at a stage where you still don’t have complete. Clarity as to whether the lead meets all the ICP requirements, can become a bottleneck, making your process slow and very costly.

Recurring payment fees are lower

The pre-salesperson, or SDR, has the role of always being attentive to the entry of new leads and will ask some key questions precisely to complete the information. That was not previously collected and define whether the lead is within the customer profile you want. Bring to your company. After this first contact, which can happen through different channels such as email, whatsapp, telephone or even social media chats, it is the SDR that Colombia WhatsApp Number List gives the status of qualified sales lead. And then your lead became a SQL! Now, the salesperson already knows a lot about the prospect.

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The company complies with the ICP criteria. The point of contact is the right person to talk to the seller We know the needs of the company The lead already knows the company and answered the first questions Meeting scheduled by the SDR, the seller’s time has come. His role is closer. Present the ideal solution, answer commercial questions and close the sale! Marketing started the move, the SDR set the striker and the seller just needs to hit USA Person the goal! Evaluate results and constantly redefine your criteria Be sure to follow these indicators, at least monthly, they are essential to establish goals and a direct correlation between marketing, sales and financial result.


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