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What each of them represents in the creation of the site? In this post, we will explain in a simple way the function of each one, so when you need to create a new website or perform maintenance on yours, you will know exactly who to look for. front end First, think of the site as a structure that has two sides: the inside and the outside. The external side is exactly what the front-end would be. Therefore, front-end is responsible for the design, content, behavior and performance of a website or application. It is, therefore, every resource with which the user can interact directly. Imagine that you need to increase the font size or the color of a website button.

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This is just an example of front-end performance. It is he who works to create the architecture for a good browsing experience. Languages ​​for front-end programming The technologies we use to program the front-end are: HTML css JavaScript (jQuery, React.JS, Vue.JS or Angular) backend If the front-end concerns the external side of the project, the back-end is the opposite. It is where information is processed and/or stored. It is, for Cambodia WhatsApp Number List example, the database, sending e-mails and other functions. Therefore, the back-end programmer is the one who builds the internal structure, organizing information, storing data and making the page always respond successfully and safely.

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Take the test and find out if your site is slow

Want a backend example? So, imagine a virtual store where you can’t delete a product from the shopping cart when you click on it. This is a backend issue! Languages ​​for back-end programming Here, at Olivas Digital, we use the technologies of: PHP Javascript / Node.JS python Mysql/MariaDB But, there are many other USA Person languages ​​for this stage of programming. API Last but not least, we have the API – Application Programming Interface, in Portuguese. Simply put, APIs integrate different applications or systems, sharing information and data between them.


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