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Will also benefit from the Premier League’s new TV deal, which guarantees record revenues for all clubs. Strong growth in England’s brand value Unit, the Premier League also clearly dominates the rest of the ranking. Overall, Premier League clubs account for nearly half of the total value of the top-rank brands, ie. With the exception of relegat Hull City, Burnley and QPR, all clubs from England’s top flight are represent, underscoring the huge impact of the new TV deal. Furthermore, eight of the ten fastest-growing clubs are from the Premier League, l by Southampton, which has grown year-on-year. Only Sao Paulo and Paris Saint-Germain.

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Have grown similarly to Premier League clubs Brazil Phone Number List leaders are the Bundesliga, which accounts for total brand value, and the Spanish La Liga, which accounts for total brand value. The nine clubs represent half of all clubs in the Bundesliga. Behind leaders Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund are second in the defending Bundesliga, follow by Schalke, Bayer Leverkusen and Stuttgart. It is worth noting here that despite the decline in brand value and the continu decline of the movement, it still ranks among the top. Barcelona and Real Madrid, with the strongest brands, evaluate not only monetary brand value, but also brand strength. Spain’s top clubs Barcelona and Real Madrid were nam the strongest brands. They are follow by Bayern Munich.

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Manchester Unit, Juventus, Chelsea and USA Person Arsenal. the importance of success in European football. Said that this year’s UEFA Champions League alone add $10,000 to brand value. We’re at Do you know your brand equity? There is more information on how to calculate brand equity in . deal with. If you also want to increase your brand value, visit our workshop on successful brand management or contact us! This entry was post on 1/2/2019 in Brand Management Brand Value PR Work sponsor. Keywords: brand equity, brand value, branding, brand valuation, brand leadership, brand.


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