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The Chamber applications are also accompanied by the necessary attachments that must be prepare when applying for support. In the case of subsidies for automation and robotization falling within the broadly understood area of ​​digitalization. A transformation road map is such a mandatory attachment. In the case of subsidies. Automation and robotization in SMEs applicants must undergo a technological audit/digital maturity. Diagnosis and have a roadmap for the transformation towards Industry.  which will be the result of the service provide, and later, as part of the activities resulting from the map, an innovation in the production process will be implement.

The Chamber is a natural

The eligible costs under the Automation and Robotization in SMEs subsidy are the costs of consulting services relate to conducting an audit and developing a transformation road map, apart from the costs of the investment itself. Conducting a technology Photo Retouching audit and developing a road map must take place before submitting an application for funding. You can use an existing roadmap document and a complete audit, provide that it has been prepare max. What requirements must a transformation roadmap meet? Transformation roadmap – what is this document.

The path to company development

The transformation roadmap may cover various areas and aspects of the organization’s activities, such as organizational structure, business processes, technology, corporate culture, human resources management, etc. Depending on the specifics USA Person of the organization, it may focus on introducing new technologies, increasing operational efficiency, introducing innovation, adaptation to regulatory changes, or transformation of organizational culture. The road map for the transformation towards Industry. under the Automation and robotization in SMEs subsidy should include, among others.

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