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Marketing. Branding: Mr.  opinion on the topic of branding for mid-siz companies. Differentiation from competing products: The Freiberg University of Technology will give a lecture on how to get out of the commodity trap. After the lecture series lunch break (at noon), the second lecture series begins in the afternoon. Here you can find all information on the following topics:Marketing Trends: (Marketing Communications Executive) Answer Social Mia, Content Marketing, Big Data Only Digital Marketing.

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The problem. Online Legal Situation: ä’s China Phone Number List Internet legal issues for many years and will answer all your legal questions. If you want to check your website ahead of marketing day, there is a free warning check on the website. Crowd Marketing: From will show you how to actively integrate customers into your company and boost your marketing success by appreciating their input. Lecture Series The final lecture series begins in the afternoon. Here you can again choose from three lectures: Internet Marketing: The German Marketing Institute will tell you why Internet marketing is more than just. Successful Controls in Marketing: Prof. Dr.’s explains how to track your marketing process controls in real time. Social Mia Marketing.

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The Managing  mia marketing smartly in your USA Person day-to-day business. Closing Lectures and Networking After the coffee and networking break (afternoon), you can look forward to an afternoon lecture by ö Marketing, Sales and Marketing Executives. Mr. Tells you if you should be a football brand leader or if good content alone is enough for marketing. The event ends with an after-get off work drink shar by all participants. Make new connections and exchange ideas with other marketers. Book now! This entry was post by the team on 2/2/2019 in General, Business Development, Content Marketing, E-Commerce, Marketing Day Cologne.


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