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To access the Business API and place the automatic message on your company’s. You need to seek a Solution Partner which are Facebook’s partner solution providers. With Default As we said still does not provide within the application the possibility of automatic. Messages in standard that is the one used in personal accounts. But you have some external applications that can help you send automatic messages to your contacts. Among the best known are WhatsAuto Autoresponder for and Auto Reply Bot for WA. What are autoresponders for? As you’ve seen automatic responses can have numerous functions that will facilitate communication between your company and your customer.

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All these functionalities must be considered if your intention is to show. The confidence and attention that your brand gives to the customer. In this way build their loyalty boosting your results. Now check out Austria Email List some examples of automatic messages that you can implement in your business! away messages Absence messages are essential to communicate to your client not only. The company’s opening hours but also longer periods of absence such as vacations for example. As is an instant messaging application people can contact your company at unusual times outside of business hours and it is a differential that even if you are not present you leave a reply for these customers.

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Configure this message to be triggered at times that are outside your opening hours such as before and after work lunch breaks recess and vacations. Automatic welcome message In addition to greeting the USA Person customer the automatic welcome message can be a business card that is you can use it to briefly introduce your company. This message must be configured to be triggered whenever a potential customer — a new contact not yet registered — contacts you. lead qualification It is possible to create an automatic message on to qualify the captured leads to make them loyal and help them to go through the stages of your sales funnel.


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