What Does Analytics Look Like On This Platform

See how you can solve each of them. Plan the visibility of your website in Gogol. Copy a ready and effective action plan. See examples of our clients’ successes. Receive free access What does cooperation look like? Cooperation during the SEO audit is divided into several stages: Analysis of the current situation of the website we check for which words it already appears in Google results we examine the current traffic. A conversation aimed at discussing the client’s current business goals sales model type of distribution etc. Thanks to getting to know the business we are able to propose the best solutions that will translate into increasing the efficiency of traffic from free search results.

The strategy is in line with the company’s business

Performing a thorough keyword analysis and checking the client’s competition. The result of the analysis is a table with all keywords and additional information about these words number of searches CPC VP Design Officers Email Lists seasonality. Preparation of the proposed website structure based on keyword analysis. Preparation of internal linking schemes. Suggesting basic optimization elements for each of the parties in the structure. Checking the page for basic optimization errors related to SEO. Checking the website for basic technical errors related to SEO. Preparation of blog post proposals. Preparation of proposals for places for the publication of sponsored articles.

C Level Executive List

The goals set have been achieved

Discussion of the audit with the client presentation of proposed solutions possible structure corrections and answers to questions. Let’s start with the basics. Remarketing is a tool for USA Person redirecting users to a website who have previously visited it or performed a given action on it. Surely you have seen image ads for products that you have recently viewed. It is enough that you viewed a given product or performed some action on the website for the company to remind you about the unfinished purchase or lack of selection of the right offer in various corners of the Internet. When you exit this article you’ll probably see one of our ads as well.


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