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The goal that you want to achieve with your content strategy can often be. Traced back to an organizational objective that must be achieved or a need of a specific target group. That you want to meet as well as possible. Also read. For which target group on Russia B2B List order to achieve which goal. But a good content strategy does something more than that. In my opinion, a good content strategy determines all the necessary rules for creating, publishing and managing useful and usable content for your organization and your target groups. How? By being complete.

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What’s in a good content strategy? According to Richard Rumelt, author of the well-known management book Good Strategy Bad Strategy: The Difference and Why It Matters (affiliate), the core of a good strategy consists of 3 parts: An analysis of the Russia B2B List that the strategy is to solve (the goal of the strategy). A ‘policy line’ for achieving that goal. A set of related next steps for putting the policy into practice. Determining a strategy without first doing a good analysis is not wise. Because you can only properly solve a problem if you understand how it arises.


Executing Your Content Strategy

Or as Rumelt puts it (loosely translated): A big part of strategy work is trying to understand what’s going on. Don’t just decide what needs to be Russia B2B List the situation. According to Rumelt, a strategy without coherent follow-up actions is not a strategy but “wishful thinking”. A good strategy is not only about WHAT the problem is, WHAT is causing it and WHAT needs to be done to solve it. But also HOW it is going to happen. content Russia B2B List about strategy also applies to content strategy as far as I’m concerned. At its core, a good content strategy should include: What is the purpose of the content strategy (what problems and/or challenges should the content strategy solve.

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