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This saves time. Progressive Web Apps A well-known hybrid solution between web and native is a technology called Progressive Web Apps (PWA). But what does a PWA actually mean? A PWA is a web application with extra functionalities that you can build in or call yourself. Examples of extra functionalities are installing to a home screen, an offline mode, better options for performance improvement and push notifications. You also have access to certain native functionalities, such as the camera, payments, location data and even AR VR modes. You can’t do everything with a PWA that you can with native, but it’s getting closer and closer.

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Just go to on your mobile , here you can see what is supported on your device. With a PWA you can drastically improve the user experience of your website. Adding PWA functionality on top of a standard web app takes some Kenya B2B List you also need to have a fallback for visitors using a browser without PWA support. It definitely pays off, because you can provide a better experience for visitors. A big problem, however, is that you don’t have Kenya B2B List app drawer by default . It’s optional, not standard, and not many users will. Push notifications are also a problem. This works well on Android, but iOS does not allow push notifications from PWAs.


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The PWA technology is very promising, but now it is mainly a good way to keep returning visitors provide a better user Kenya B2B List’s target audience is most users, a native app might be a better choice. But what is the best choice for you? In the table below, all information from this article is briefly summarized, to give you the best overview when making a choice for web, native or PWA. 11 show results Functionality native Web Web PWA Mobile Kenya B2B List Available offline Yes new Yes SEO Indexing new Yes Yes Install to app drawer Default opt-in Payments Built-in, with commission custom Push Notifications Yes Email-only Yes, except iOS Performance Best Reasonable Good Sharing options Limited Best Best Access to native APIs Everything No Limited Freedom

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