What is Linux Hosting?

What is Linux Hosting? The question is one of the questions that those who compare hosting packages most need answers to. There are a number of factors to consider before creating a website, such as price, bandwidth, storage, but choosing a server operating system is one of the most important decisions to make.

What is Linux?

LINUX is a widely use and highly recommend open source, extensible operating system. As it is know, the main task of the operating system, which is a necessary component to run any application, is to manage the communication between software and hardware.

Base on the UNIX operating system and consider one of the most secure operating systems, Linux allows developers to perform even complex tasks with very simple commands.

Linux is open source; means that the source Cambodia Phone Number code is available for modification. This represents an important opportunity for various developers to contribute to making Linux more advanced. It is also the reason why Linux has no license fee.

Linux offers several distributions with different feature sets and applications. This makes it more customizable from different developers’ perspectives.

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What is Linux Hosting?

Hosting websites with PHP programming language on servers with Linux operating system is call Linux Hosting. 

Linux is not only used in personal computers, mobile phones and smart watches. Every website needs a web server and every web server runs on an operating system. The advantages mentioned above have made Linux one of the most popular operating systems that have long been used as the basis for web servers. Thus, Linux gave birth to a type of hosting that is named after itself in the hosting industry.

Linux Hosting servers can meet all the requirements of a web hosting package. In fact, Linux Hosting, which is one of the two operating systems most frequently used by web hosting providers, and PHP-based software such as WordPress and Joomla work more efficiently than Windows Server operating systems.

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