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The NPS is almost always measured frequently and there are questions. About how satisfied customers are and what score they give the organization. Continuously monitoring customer feedback gives you the opportunity to act immediately on Tanzania B2B List at moments that matter: from contact with your account managers to complaint handling. Questioning the drivers of the NPS provides input for an optimization process. For example, the proactivity of the customer service representative can have more effect on. The customer experience than the speed with which a product is delivered. By continuously focusing on such drivers, you know what customers really find important. You can then focus on facts and positively influence the recommendation behavior.

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Don’t forget your employees either Employees within your organization play an important role in the customer experience and retention story. An employee who is having a good time performs better and is more productive. Employees Tanzania B2B List an impact on the satisfaction and loyalty of your customers. So actively involve your employees in research and customer feedback. Keep them informed. Also, the employees who are not in direct contact with customers. In addition, insight through employee research (MTO) can be very helpful in determining what employees need to be even more customer-oriented.


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Read the blog I wrote about it Small Business Trends, SalesforceYou will have noticed: the accessibility requirements for content. It is mandatory for government organizations to comply with this. But it is also essential for healthcare Tanzania B2B List of the target group cannot consume inaccessible content. Commercial organizations will also increasingly want to fulfill their social obligations. In short, making sure all communication is accessible to everyone is on the agenda, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. What does this mean for the rest of the means of communication such as e-mail.

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