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If you don’t listen to him, then why hire him? Don’t believe guts feeling or stand on one leg if you’re not cool or season enough. Don’t just say “I like it” but can’t explain what it is. Because that shows that you take yourself as the norm. Always remember that you are not the target audience. Even if you like it, it doesn’t mean your customers will. Try to think from the customer’s point of view with good taste. Not just thinking about whether I like it or not.

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Let’s try to use it together share the knowlge! Marketingtaste see more details follow the news via line at nuttaputch add friends previous article trends in digital content marketing in 2017 next article how are marketers preparing for 2017? Relat posts marketing today, do you still ne Wuhan Phone Number a website? 03/24/2017 not a trend, but a “ne to know” marketer before 2016. 12/20/2015 update 4 trends in content creation with social mia marketing. 06/10/2014 content marketingsocial mia marketing from the blog before I told the story of some of the surveys of digital marketers about social mia marketing from the social mia examiner .

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In the survey, there are other interesting stories, one of which is the content creation trend, which is in line with content marketing, which is another trend that is equally hot. In fact, I often say that social mia is about connecting users. But it would be meaningless without the content or USA Person Data message to be distribut through the resulting network. Which looks like marketers there will be concepts that are not different. Especially when understanding about content marketing is more than ever. And from the aforemention survey report, there are interesting statistics from the point of view of marketers and content creation on social mia as follows. 1. Content creation is the second most outsourc service.

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