Understand the differences between frontend, backend and API

Its features do not depend on installing plugins, offering functionality natively. Magento Magento is one of the best e-commerce platforms available in the market. It stands out for its flexibility and supports both small and large businesses. However, it is not such a simple platform to use, requiring programming experience to take full advantage of its resources. It was developed under the criteria of SEO and therefore can help you index better in search engines. It is highly secure and allows you to use as many themes and plugins as you like.

Languages ​​for front-end programming

It is a scalable platform, good for large online stores. Built with SEO and security in mind Supports multiple currencies and tax rates. It integrates with any payment gateway you want cons. Takes more time to implement It’s hard to customize if you don’t have programming experience Most/best modules/plugins are paid Magento can Finland WhatsApp Number List be considered as the best ecommerce platform for startups . However, it is not a very good option for those just starting out or if you intend to create a simpler store. It is, therefore, indicated for stores with medium and large sales volumes. WooCommerce Finally, we have WooCommerce.

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Languages ​​for back-end programming

But we need to clarify that it is not exactly an independent e-commerce platform. WooCommerce is a plugin for the most used CMS in the world, WordPress. For this reason, WooCommerce is one of the most popular tools among online stores. Easy to implement and use, it has several extensions that allow adding new functionalities to the platform. Also, the (WordPress) control panel is extremely intuitive, perfect for beginners. pros It is easy to install and use USA Person do inventory management. It is possible to integrate with CRMs, payment gateways and analysis tools (through extensions). Allows simplified product registration.


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