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That waives responsibility for the resultsĀ  and everything relatĀ  microfinance organizations ne to provide technical support licenses How to pass the review of advertisements announcements advertising posts Micines and micines Pharmacies veterinary clinics nutritionists beauticians and many other businesses ne to be licens Dietary supplement ads It nes a disclaimer that it is not a drug Such advertisements are strictly direct to an audience over the age of However one should not consider dietary supplements to be panaceas and panaceas for all ailments It s just a supplement that makes a person.

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Healthier Certain goods and services that Afghanistan Phone Number List require and r caviar A disclaimer template has been creat in the system Platform experts recommend using it Disclaimer Associat with Ads by Technical Support Just tell us you ne it add and an expert will do the job for you The second way you can insert a disclaimer in your creative giving it a ready place The copyright of the image of a person in an advertisement prohibits the use of an image of a celebrity for advertising without the official permission of the celebrity However this rule does not only apply to celebrity personalities Advertising using anyone s photo requires a bond and the person.

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Consent Both documents must be submitt in USA Person support If you use a lot of photos in your ad where you don t see a specific face the ad may be skipp by review But if there is a select person in the image whose face stands out prominently platform employees ask for permission How to pass the review of advertisements announcements and advertisement posts How to place advertisements In most cases ads are reject for being illegible and brightly color Huge text bricks with small.


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