This Week in Content Marketing: Google and Facebook Will Buy Content in 2017

As the holiday week slowed down the news, Robert and I thought we’d recap some of the biggest stories and important trends that have Singapore Phone Number impacted content marketing over the past year. We also shared some thoughts on what might be in store for our industry in 2017.

Our discussion included:

Facebook’s Complete Domination of the Digital Marketing Conversation (08:00):Facebook accounted for the lion’s share of ad revenue growth over the past year and continued its metamorphosis from social network to full-fledged media company, as described in recent articles in Forbes and Recode detail. However, Robert believes the pendulum will soon start to swing the other way and he predicts a backlash as marketers increasingly recognize the dangers of relying on a third-party platform to build peer relationships. confidence and continuity with a target audience. My advice here is to expect companies like Facebook and Google to continue to manipulate the system to support their growth,

The Seductive Power of the Dark Side [Leased Lands]

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The Rise of Publisher Content Studios (23:41): Another big story we’ve explored throughout the year is the growing number of media outlets building their own content studios to compete with content agencies. creation for brands’ content budgets. I see this as an essential diversification of what publishing means in today’s market. Robert sees this as a trend that is set to really explode in 2017, as it represents an exciting new business model for publishers struggling to overcome deep online advertising revenue shortfalls.

The need to redefine the marketing department and its purpose (27:05): The above story led us to another point that Robert and I kept coming back to: the need for marketers to think in more wide to the value of content across the enterprise. or a special discount when registering.

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