This is how we managed to increase sales

That must be our primary objective, our focus cannot be on sales alone, we must be with the client to understand their needs and get them to solve their challenges. Anticipate: anticipating and anticipating future demands is the key to success, if we are able to detect them we will already have a lot of cattle. Adapt: ​​activate the radar to know who your buyer person is: how they consume information, what interests them and what worries them. Adapt to your preferences. click marketing summarize this desire to accompany

Integrating technology Peru Phone Number and personalization for the end customer. History and origin of marketing Do you know how marketing has evolved over time? This is inbound marketing or the inbound marketing philosophy. To analyze the history of marketing , Hub Spot has made us a compilation that will help us. 1450-1900: print advertising appears 1450 Gutenberg invents the printing press. The world of books and mass copies is revolutionized. 1730 , the magazine emerges as a means of communication.

1920-1949: new media emerge 1922 , radio advertising begins

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Television advertising appears. The first ad was for Bulova watches and reached 4,000 households that had a television.  1950-1972 Telemarketing is very popular as a means of contacting the buyer directly. In 1972 , the print media suffered for the first time the exhaustion of the outbound marketing formula. 1973-1994: the digital age blossoms 1973 Martin Cooper, a researcher at Motorola, makes the first call using a mobile phone.

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