EPICA Shopify Product Recommender: In-Depth Review

About EPICA Shopify AI Product Referrer

The app uses powerful AI to predict in real-time Algeria Mobile Number what products customers are most likely to buy from your e-commerce store. EPICA states that you should see an average sales increase of 25% when using AI-generated product recommendations.The purpose of the app is not only to predict sales and enhance customer engagement, but also to provide valuable data about shoppers. So you can create a more personalized shopping experience for them. In short, your consumers see recommended items they can buy based on their previous browsing and purchase history. The app collects and analyzes customer preferences to better understand their behavior, allowing the software to predict what they will buy.

Installation takes just ten minutes, and your hands are in your hand for the entire brief. There’s a “wizard” that walks you step-by-step, including how to activate the widget on your computer’s Shopify store.


Smart Search Predictive Ecommerce Site SearchPredictive e-commerce site search capabilities Algeria Mobile Number enable customers to find what they are looking for accurately Algeria Mobile Number and quickly. Needless to say, when you simplify the sales process for shoppers, you not only serve your customers better, but you also increase your sell-through rate—a win-win all around.

Using AI, your customers will find relevant results when searching for products without having to sift through tons of inaccurate results. It’s an easy way to give customers a more personalized experience.

This feature takes into account that when shoppers search for items, they typically use natural language, which is part of what makes this predictive search feature so precise.

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Algeria Mobile Number
Algeria Mobile Number

What are users saying about the EPICA Shopify app?

Since the app is very new, there is not Algeria Mobile Number much online chat history. However, what we’re seeing is largely positive. Critics say AI tools have helped them increase sales and that getting started is easy. They love the support provided by the EPICA team, and the app helps them predict customer behavior.

Users also love the recommender widget that pops up for customers, which again boosts sales. Few complaints, referring to occasional customer service complaints, as well as slow servers.

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