The Right Photos And Videos To Sell Jewelry Online 

It is not enough to have the right product, to sell jewelry online you must also show them in the best possible way to ensure that customers have a precise idea of ​​what they will receive at home once the purchase process is completed. 

And if it is true that product photographs are always fundamental, in any type of online store, when you create a jewelry ecommerce you want people to be able to admire all those precious details that make your products unique. 

And I don’t know it’s just about details. Who would buy a ring with a stone described in words as “a shiny diamond” but which in the photo appears little brighter than a piece of glass? 

For this reason, pay particular attention to the photos and videos you choose to represent your products. 

How To Sell Jewelry Online

  1. Offer variety and representationAdd to your product pages both photos showing the jewelry on a background and photos showing the effect of the jewelry being worn, under different lights.
  2. Avoid Distractions: When choosing a background to sell jewelry online, go for blocks of color or clean, minimal patterned backgrounds. 

Leverage Pairings: If you have jewelry that Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number goes well together, adding photos showing different pairings is a great way to enhance your jewelry and use cross-selling to persuade customers to buy more than one product.

Don’t forget about inclusivity: don’t limit yourself to classic jewelry photos worn by female models. Show your jewels worn by different people and, why not, if it can be in line with your brand, show them also worn by real people (for this, you could ask for the collaboration of your loyal customers).

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At this point you should have quite clear ideas on how to sell jewelry online, and therefore it’s time to move on to the more technical aspects of your business, that is: where to sell jewelry online? 


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Where To Sell Jewelry Online

Here are the best alternatives for selling jewelry online:

  1. Owned Ecommerce
  2. Amazon
  3. Social media
  4. Marketplace

Let’s analyze them in detail. 

Opening a proprietary ecommerce is certainly the most flexible and complete way to sell jewelry online. 

An online store dedicated to your jewelry allows you to completely customize your shop window and the way you want to present products to customers, not to mention other more technical aspects such as payment or shipping methods. 

All you need to do to sell jewelry with Shopify is to sign up for the platform and start the 14-day free trial period, and you can start setting up your online store right away. 

In addition, on Shopify you can find themes designed specifically for online jewelry businesses, such as:

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