The influence of bauhaus in the graphic design of typefaces among the main legacy of bauhaus to

Legacy, since the bauhaus movement spread through the universities of europe and the united states, establishing its model of education in art, design and architecture. The influence of bauhaus in the graphic design of typefaces among the main legacy of bauhaus to graphic design, we find the typographic contribution. This school was a pioneer in incorporating the most rigorous design into the world of printing, specifically in typography. Inspired by old german manuscripts, bauhaus created various typefaces. The universal typography stands out , which was produced by herbart bayer and is one of the great contributions of bauhaus to current graphic design.

The influence of bauhaus in the graphic design of

In addition, they developed a large number of san serif typefaces , letters without the straight horizontal lines at the end of the vertical and diagonal lines. Graphic Latvia Phone Number design as art if something is really transcendent of his contributions, it is undoubtedly the comparison of graphic design to the plastic arts. Bauhaus inaugurates the field of visual arts, uniting artistic principles with those of graphic design. The creative approach was unified, both to propose a museum piece and a sales brochure.

The creative approach was unified

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Approach that lasts between us to this day and continues to develop. We can say that its short history marked the development of graphic design to the present day . Not only influencing the way of approaching the practice, but also giving visual creation the importance it has in our current society.lately, we’ve been hearing a lot about metaverses. Virtual reality is here and, although the development of metaverses comes from afar, the great fame came with the announcement of zuckerberg’s metaverse .

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The creator of facebook has presented his metaverse as a great new opportunity for shopping, fun and work . Until now, our experience in cyberspace was focused on surfing the web or managing applications. Zuckerberg’s metaverse aims to get us into it. A universe designed and modeled by facebook where everything we see, hear and touch will be a virtual reality experience. But what do designers and architects have to do with this technological challenge? Next, we will see what a metaverse is and the opportunities it presents for

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