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You really have to have an Lesotho B2B List PWA you no longer need an app” and “You should always go for web, because native is twice as expensive” well-founded, and the reality is a lot more nuanced. Both web and mobile are getting bigger and more important. Is your website online again? It can then do no harm to regularly critically Lesotho B2B List improvements are necessary. Think of the layout, appearance, photos, texts, and technical details. With the Christmas holidays just around the corner, a quiet time is coming for some. No excuses that you don’t have time for it! Use this period meaningfully to examine your website with these 16 points of interest.

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Taking a critical look at your Lesotho B2B List improvements is always good. It gives a good feeling for yourself (have you finally got rid of those open points that you still have to implement). But certain improvements also ensure that you appear (even) better in the results of search engines such as Google or that visitors stay longer on Lesotho B2B List hopefully make a purchase, request information or other purposes. But where do you start? What are important points not to skip? Session Media helps you on your way and made an overview of 16 points of interest. She visualized these points in the infographic below. You may not have all the knowledge in-house to implement them.


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Then discuss them with your Lesotho B2B List what the possibilities are. Think, for example, of checking whether your website has an SSL certificate or which parts throw a spanner in the works on the loading time of your site. Web texts with calls-to-actions Things that you may be able to pick up yourself are the lyrics. Are these current or does it Lesotho B2B List that is no longer correct? If you are going to write new web texts, include calls-to-actions and use headings. And do the images on your website give the appearance that suits your organization? Or is it time to look for new images? These are points of attention where you may not immediately stop or think that it is well arranged.

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