The boss said: If you want depth, you also need breadth.

Zhang Yiming: In fact, I have observed that we have recruited a lot of people. Many of my classmates and friends have worked in various industries for a long time. There are not so many people in the society who are really interested in doing a certain thing for a long time. When they arrive, they often do well.

Zhang Yiming: As an employer, we prefer people who can learn a variety of knowledge and abilities. For example, many of our company’s product managers are engineers, and some are designers. Pure professional counterparts are not so critical. What is more needed is to be able to learn a variety of knowledge. Maintaining the ability to learn may be more important than the accumulation of knowledge.

 Breadth, is it certain to make money?

Knowing more broad positions and technologies, can you be a better product manager?

The question is similar to “I have learned so much, but I still can’t live my life well”.

Recently, I have been thinking deeply about the grand truth, and how it can be related to my own choices.

 In-depth thinking on “Unmatched virtues will inevitably lead to disasters”

The old saying goes: Virtue does not match, so why does it cause disaster if virtue does not match?

Because people are greedy. So people will follow those who are helpful to them. See Xian Siqi, worship teachers and so on. And stronger than oneself, one kind New Zealand Mobile Number of accumulation of wealth is more than oneself; another kind of ability is stronger than oneself.

The former, a subordinate (follow) sees a person whose morality and IQ are not as good as his own, but earns a lot/has more wealth, the instinctive reaction is to replace it? In the long run, this person does not disagree, and other people who see it will also disagree. Therefore, it is easy to be unstoppable, and it is easy to be missed by “thieves”.

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The latter, followers, see the big shots, and their abilities and development are stronger than their own. The man’s instinctive first reaction was to hold his thigh tightly and see Xian Siqi. If this “virtue” is still a virtue that can be universal and form a positive cycle, there will be more followers. So this ability can hold up.

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So the practical application of the truth is: if you want to get better, you should first make yourself worthy of your virtue. “You can’t change the world, you can only improve yourself first.”

So back to square one. Knowing the truth does not necessarily lead to a good life right away. But you need to accumulate. Deep thinking and integration of principles. Stack the truth like a piece of paper under your feet, and in the long run, you can have higher morality/insight. Only then can more people follow easily and stand higher.

Therefore, although this road is stupid, it is indeed the most stable road.

Business opportunities are divided into two steps: review time + seize opportunities.

When reviewing: Because in the commercial society, the needs of customers are ever-changing. But keep moving forward, that is, hope for a better way to meet your own needs. So this is doomed, every era has its opportunities. So any lazy big company and new company will interpret the story of the dragon slayer and the dragon. The latecomers, how to leap forward, can only recognize the trend first and then seize the trend.

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