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Below are a few key points in a typical -hour cycle the maximum amount of cortisol is produced to wake up the body melatonin production stops maximum production of sex hormones the peak of mental activity the best coordination of movements quick response time maximum performance of the cardiovascular and muscular systems increase in blood pressure and body temperature the beginning of the production of melatonin – preparing the body for sleep suspension of active bowel work deep sleep decrease in body temperature. Of course these figures are subjective and depend on a large number of factors.

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But nevertheless there are three main points that affect the daily rhythm of each person light time and the hormone melatonin. Light. Light has a huge effect. For example the light of the morning sun means the beginning of a new circadian rhythm. Time. The time of day your daily routine can affect your sleep-wake cycle. Melatonin. This hormone causes drowsiness and regulates Honduras Mobile Number List body temperature. It is released daily. At night it is as active as possible in the daytime on the contrary the production process slows down. Scientists believe that it is thanks to melatonin that the sleep-wake cycle occurs. How to sleep better In this section we will look at some practical tips on how to get better sleep.

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Avoid caffeine. If you have trouble sleeping you should stop caffeine. But if you find it hard to start your day without a cup of coffee just limit yourself do not drink it after noon. In this case it will be removed from the body before you go to sleep. Quit smoking. Nicotine addiction causes enormous damage to the human body. If you smoke you should give up this USA Person habit once and for all. Make use of your bedroom. Does your bedroom promote healthy sleep Ideally this should be a quiet dark and cool room. Try not to make your bedroom a multifunctional space.


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