Split Payments Understand How It Works

That means an initial payment and annual renewals that grant access to available updates. As in this model development is done by the e-commerce owner, the platform is flexible. However, this also means that the responsibility for the evolution and changes in the platform rests with the merchant. Therefore, it is necessary to rely on a company specializing in the development of virtual stores to provide this service. SaaS Platform In this type of platform, the system is available in the cloud and the shopkeeper can access it from anywhere and at any time. In this case, a customizable tool is developed, which is marketed based on the payment of a monthly fee.

Understand the roles of each in this process

In some case, a participation fee is also charge on sales. Among the benefits of this type of platform are: High performance, Customization and integration, Periodic updates, and Shorter deployment time. However, this type of platform has higher costs for use and can still charge fees on billing. licensed platform As with the proprietary platform, this model Georgia WhatsApp Number List depends on the purchase of a license to use the source code developed by a third-party company. In this case, when purchasing the license, you have access to the platform ready for your virtual store. What is the advantage of using an Open Source platform? Open platforms have thousands of contributors from around the world, constantly implementing new features.

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But, in practice, how does split payments work

It also brings freedom, as there is a wide range of developers and companies that can give you the technical support you need to keep your store always active. At Olivas Digital we work in the development of virtual stores using. Magento and WooCommerce, but if you already have a website ready, we can also help you in USA Person the development and maintenance, evolving what has already been done. Is WooCommerce safe? Yes, one of the advantages of using an open platform is the fact that developers around the world are constantly working to implement security measures and quickly correct possible flaws found.


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