Sober and pragmatic, responding to crisis elements

On September 26, election night for the Bundestag, the SPD headquarters in Berlin. The party’s chief candidate, Olaf Scholz, strode onto the stage, and was immediately greeted with applause and cheers as people celebrated the SPD’s victory in the general election. Everyone knows who is to be thankful for – he has achieved something unparalleled: in just a few months, the Social Democrats have been lifted out of years of low public opinion, and they have performed better than the last federal election in 2017.

In the spring of this (2021), the public opinion support rate of the Social Democratic Party was still 15%. Since then. It has been rising all the way, and finally it has become the largest party in the next parliament.

Of course, only after the negotiations over

the next few weeks and months to form a cabinet will we know for sure who will be in the chancellery and in charge Kazakhstan Phone Number List of the German government. Not only the SPD, but also the CDU/CSU can form a governing coalition with the Greens and the Liberal Democrats. However, the SPD colleagues are full of confidence and will participate in the negotiations with a high profile.

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SPD has to thank Xiaoz

Shawz, Shawz, Shawz. ——In the election campaign, the Social Democratic Party mainly relied on this prime minister candidate. He dominates the posters, he appears on stage, he participates in political debates. The SPD’s campaign has revolved entirely around the 63-year-old politician. “He is pragmatic, he can do it.” – The Social Democratic Party moved voters with such a signal.

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The SPD conveys to voters an image of a politician with government responsibilities and a natural successor to current Prime Minister Angela Merkel. After 16 years in office, Merkel, who is a member of the CDU, is no longer running. Since 2018, Xiaoz has served as finance minister and deputy prime minister in Merkel’s grand coalition government. After the election, he will remain in office until the next government is in place.

How many SPD elements does Xiaoz

have? This bizarre question can only be answered by understanding the recent history of the Social Democratic Party. In 2019, Shawz ran for party chairman. In the bottom vote, however, he lost to Saskia Esken and Norbert Walter-Borjans, who had promised to move the party further to the left.

Within the party, Shortz has always been viewed as a conservative. Thus, in August 2020, Esken and Walter Boljans nominated him as their party’s chief candidate for the next general election, to the surprise of all parties: the SPD decided to have someone it didn’t want to be party chairman Become a candidate for Prime Minister.

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