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Things that must be prepar for facebook marketing this year 01/06/2014 follow nuttaputch subscribe to youtube latest post don’t do content if you don’t have a clear strategy. 11/14/2022 3 important points to think about before creating content 11/01/2022 4 types of value that make people want to see content 10/31/2022 latest vlogs content that doesn’t get engagement may not be because of the content itself. 11/01/2021 principles of creating great customer experiences 10/31/2021 why send employees to upskill & skill and come back not effective? 10/30/2021 advertising and public relations policy copyright – nuttaputch wongreanthong.

Which Is Now A Big Problem

Mages and advertiser mindset and publisher mindset working together for today’s marketing communications. 01/10/2016 content marketingthoughts if talking about content marketing that is becoming a hot topic nowadays a saying we often hear is to create a publisher mindset for marketers to Taiwan Phone Number be able to effectively create content in the digital world. That’s not the kind of advertising we us to do. Using the publisher mindset is essential for content marketing because it is the process of thinking, planning, producing and evaluating communications like a mia producer. Which, if any brand has a worker who understands the publisher mindset, then they will be able to produce content very efficiently.

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The First Is To Create

However when I lecture on content marketing, I also often say that it’s not forgetting the advertiser mindset in any way because seriously. And advertising itself still plays a role in today’s marketing as well. If it’s easy to say that is, we must still have the way of marketing communications USA Person Data with advertising. And add a form of content marketing to complement the cycle of communication with target groups according to the context of communication in today’s era. It can be said that marketers must know how to combine both advertising and content creation together. And see how all of this will connect working together with these 2 mindsets is something that we have to practice nowadays.

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