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There are advertorials all over the place and using similar methods. Let these websites create content for you in what we call “Native ads” and then buy sponsor post together in order to reach a lot of people. As a result, people are getting f up with jokes like this. And instead of seeing good content as before, it has become only advertorial content instead. The next question is, does this method still work? Does it really answer the question of marketing / pr? Or we only care about reach click / view I’m not saying that this method doesn’t work outright. But we may have to come back to see that the method for creators to create content.

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For brands works for some cases and in many cases doesn’t work (and many times it’s broken because the brand interferes too much. Separate) to this point we, as content creators, may have to come back and see if the native ad / advertorial approach that we do is really effective or not? Or do we have Exit Phone Number to adapt a new method? Both how to choose a publisher, guidelines for creating content or laying out the storyline of content that will do these native ads. Because if you do the same finally, our timeline board will be fill with advertorial that the audience will know. And then quickly throw it away that’s my rough view on the content marketing industry in the next year (it’s actually starting from today.

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Therefore believe it or not. Will you follow? This one, please consider it according to the suitability of each person. As for various trend series, I will gradually write about them during the end of the year, so please wait and see share the knowlge! 2018content marketingdigital marketingtrend USA Person Data see more details follow the news via line at nuttaputch add friends previous article why should a company have “Young executives” can now be found on the board of directors. Next article how to talk about your work on social so that it doesn’t look ugly or funny in other people’s eyes. Relat posts 6 success formulas for creating social content that work!! 07/20/2013 because every traveler nes a “home” – heartwarming content from airbnb.

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