Seasonal Moments how to carry out a promotional campaign

The seasonal moments that term with which. We encompass all the celebrations. That businesses take advantage of to sell. More.Valentine’s day. Halloween black friday cyber ​​monday christmas. Three kings day and later.The sales, which have almost become just another party. With the end of. November comes the most important. Celebrations for businesses and. With them promotions.The increase in online purchases is a reality and your business. Should not miss out on this opportunity. Index of contents. The planning and development of campaigns and strategies. Take place months before and social networks play an increasingly important role. Why? We tell you. Prepare your campaign in time making sales during seasonal moments is a long-distance race. To be proactive, it is important that you include these campaigns.

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And their budget. In the annual digital marketing plan. Advertising is much more expensive during. Seasonal moments there is more competition. So it makes sense to run campaigns earlier to attract. The largest number of users to. The first phases of the sales funnel . When the seasonal moment arrives. You will have an audience of users. Who will largely have been  Romania Phone Number cold traffic to retarget . A study carrie out by facebook hereinafter meta indicate that 86% of people who regularly use their social network (in the us) buy products that they have discovered through this social network in the last three months. Update your company information this year, meta has published an article with suggestions to make the most of all the tools offered by both facebook and instagram. They affect taking full advantage of the catalog option. These are some of the conclusions: update the stock, prices and characteristics of each product. Use striking images for your catalog.

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Use the same product catalog for advertising campaigns and stores. It is also important to make sure that the website is responsive, that is, that it is adapted to navigation on different types of screens, such as mobile phones. Finally, since we are going to be reaching new (and many) potential customers, it is essential that their experience is rewarding. You can reinforce customer service, as well as have data updated and visible on your social networks, such as the return policy, if home collection is offered, etc. Campaigns focused on sales if what you are looking for is to sell, it is better that you leave aside campaigns with objectives such as “interaction”, “lead generation”, “reach” or “brand recognition”, among others. During the seasonal moments, consumers are ready to buy, so you can take advantage of this to create “conversion to sale” or “traffic” campaigns. To find out how many sales and revenue the campaign has generated.



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