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However all you have to do is add the preposition to to this phrase and a lot of precise phrases will appear: Do the same with the other prepositions: for when which where and others. It is also worth entering synonyms e.g. wedding dresses or colloquial and slang words civilian dresses. In this way you will get two things: long tail phrases and topics for the company blog. Long tail keywords are the types of keywords that are much more precise for comparison: wedding dresses vs. boho plus size wedding dresses. This is very important in positioning: longtail phrases convert much better. For faster analysis you can use our tool to search for such phrases.

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It works by quickly searching for related words. This is because the more general the phrase the more meanings it contains. After entering the phrase wedding dresses you will find million results Controlling Directors Email Lists sic! including dozens of stores in Poland and abroad guides on sewing wedding dresses articles about the history of wedding dresses on historical forums news on fashion portals and thousands photos on sites like Pinterest. It’s very hard to break through such a thicket of results isn’t it? But if instead you enter cream knee length wedding dresses the results are only.

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If you have such a dress in the assortment and you position the page for this phrase you have an incomparably greater chance that this customer will come to you. Not only that customers who enter USA Person such exact phrases are very often already decided to buy and are just looking for a store where they will be able to make this purchase. Of course there are fewer such determined customers but they are much more valuable. That is why it is worth positioning the page both for general phrases and longtail phrases so that these people find their way to your website! Method c will give the most accurate results because in the results you will also see the monthly number of searches for certain phrases.


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