Everything you need to know about recurring payments

The problem: these created pages, in general, have a much longer loading time , as they do not take advantage of image optimization and custom built codes. Nor do they always Everything you need respect good practices for better indexing of content by search engines like Google . Also, it is more difficult to scale . Each page must be built manually, if your site grows and has many pages, over time, each of them will follow a different structure and the process of registering content can become quite complicated. See the report by Murilo Bonadio, co-owner of the Welcome Chef platform : “we started our company based on a website created in Wix, everything was going very well, until the company started to grow.

 Recurring payment  growth

We went from 5 to more than 20 participating chefs, each with about 4 different menu options. The creation of these pages on the site became a bottleneck, for each new partner, we needed 2 hours editing the site to put the information on the air”. Creating custom themes goes far beyond the layout and can include programming plugins tailored to your company’s needs. As was the case with Welcome Chef above, in which we created a Denmark WhatsApp Number List specific database for registering chefs and their menus. In addition, the entire lead capture and order management process has also become integrated into the same platform.

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Recurring payment benefits

Allowing even the management of communication between site organizers, chefs and customers. Visuals also need to be considered. All the aspects mentioned so far are very technical and you may not understand them. And that’s okay. Now we’ll talk about something you’re sure to know: the look. A custom-made layout for your company goes far beyond lines of code. When we create a layout for a company, we involve usability, communication USA Person and design professionals. We seek to understand the profile of your target audience and tailor the look to them as much as possible.


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