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The Winds and Words website which has emerged in recent years is a fun example of the use of visualization techniques We collect data from the scripts for the first six seasons of HBO’s Game of Thrones as well as other sources related to the series analyze and we visualize the dialogues of the characters and other forms of their interaction. If you watched the series you know how difficult it was sometimes to remember all the plot moves and details of dozens of character interactions with each other and this had to be done year after year.

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This tool shows users who a character has interacted with and how often they have interacted by season. This type of marketing content can be created using an interactive content marketing platform such as R Shiny. Such software may not be free but the result is worth it. Timeline sliders and more Finally another fantastic use case for an interactive Brazil Mobile Number List content marketing platform is to create a timeline or slider that shows the progress of a product service or event. For example take a look at this cool timeline that shows the evolution of the iPhone. One click of the mouse will allow you to see how the models have changed. It’s much more interesting than just looking at them in one static image.

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The timeline gives you a much better idea of ​​how the dimensions of the device have changed over time. Another interesting example shows how the variety of technologies has grown from to . A simple side-by-side comparison of each year would be enough but it’s much more fun to look at the metrics and see exactly how technology has changed with just one click. If your site needs a graph you can use the Precedent platform – they have a free trial. The USA Person Precedent platform is trusted by brands such as Netflix and Slack. For this kind of content R Shiny is also great. The Most Important Rule for Creating Interactive


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