Project Management Fundamentals: Organization Theory You Don’t Know (2)

Project Management Fundamentals: Organization theory includes three parts: organizational structure model, organizational division of labor.  And workflow organization . The organizational structure model reflects the instructional relationship between the molecules within the organizational group. Organizational division of labor includes two categories of work task division and management function division in organization theory.

2.3 Workflow Organization

The functional process is the logical relationship between the various tasks in the organizational system. This logical relationship reflects the dependency relationship of a work order and is a dynamic relationship. Workflow organization includes.

In an e-commerce company, for example, cost control, progress control, and supply chain control belong to the management workflow organization, the processing of monthly sales data, the processing of PV, UV conversion data, etc. Warehousing, packaging, outbound, and distribution belong to the material flow organization.

The use of organizational tools

Organizational tools are the means of organization theory, representing various organizational relationships in the form of diagrams or tables. Including: project structure chart, organization chart, work task division table, management function division table, work flow chart, contract structure chart six tools.


3.1 Project Structure Diagram

The project structure diagram, also known. As WBS (Work Breakdown Structure), disassembles a project horizontally and vertically. In the form of a tree Malaysia Phone Number diagram to reflect the breadth and depth of a project structure. So as to achieve the purpose of decomposing all the work tasks of the project.

In the project structure diagram, rectangles represent work tasks, and connecting lines are used between the rectangular boxes to express the hierarchy of work tasks.

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There is no unified model for the decomposition of the project structure. And the following principles can be referred to according to the characteristics of the project:

Consider the overall progress of the project;

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  • Consider the contract structure of the project; (a project may be decomposed into several sub-projects to be awarded to different contractors, so it should be considered when decomposing the project structure)
  • Consider the composition of the project;
  • Conducive to the control of project objectives; (The objectives of a project may include goals such as progress, quality, investment, etc. When decomposing the project structure, it should be considered whether the decomposition of the project structure is conducive to the control of various objectives of the project)
  • Combined with the organizational structure model of project management, etc.

It should be noted that, in a project, for the efficiency and smoothness of the information management process, the project should be coded after the project structure analysis is completed, such as the coding of the participating parties and the coding of the work tasks in the project structure.

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