Percentages Digitally Accessible Websites

But more importantly, how can we improve this? One in three websites does not comply A transition takes time and energy. Government Tunisia B2B List the accessibility status of their websites here. Super transparent. This shows that since the introduction in 2018 and the obligation applicable since September 23, 2020, only 6% of the websites are fully compliant. Percentages of digitally accessible websites of municipalities 2021. Digitally accessible status of municipal websites

Websites Are Fully Compliant

We are working hard on digital accessibility The figures mentioned are not intended. To pillory municipalities. In fact, it can be concluded from the same source that every effort is currently being made to improve digital accessibility. The Tunisia B2B List continue in quarter 4 of 2020 and quarters of 2021. A good sign that accessibility is increasing, but above all, it shows that it is on the agenda. When all websites are fully Tunisia B2B List big que register. A number of status changes per quarter ( source, accessed April 22, 2021). Tip of the iceberg That registry we talked about is for government agency websites. But digital accessibility goes much further than just the website. We are therefore afraid that this is just the tip of the iceberg.


So There Is Work to

And what about healthcare institutions and other organizations to which the obligation does not apply What’s the next step as far as we’re concerned? E-mail. Email the next step? In one-to-many communications, such Tunisia B2B List easy to lose track of the individual. Such as an invitation, congratulations, anniversary, presentation, communication and internal newsletter. The layout must be consistent and in accordance with the well-known guidelines: house style, brand, design, communication, and accessibility. More Tunisia B2B List people have a visual impairment in both eyes, according to the Eye Fund.

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