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To increase efficiency for the organization this is still a problem in many countries, and that’s why adobe is trying to help, whether it’s about sharing new knowlge, as well as creating a knowlge hub to be a case study with people. Who want to study this further the trend of business that must go to experience business one of the interesting mia session questions was which industries are adapting or adopting different technologies. In order to create some experience business, we will find that industries that are now beginning to adapt and use experience solutions are: travel hospitality (hotel industry, accommodation) mia & entertainment financial banking retail business telecommunication of course, now the main industries at the moment it is mostly a b2c industry, but in the future, b2b will start to adopt this solution as well.

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This is an early overview of experience business that many places are starting to talk about. This is part of the content of the adobe experience forum 2018, but there is still a fair amount of content that we can drill down to add. For example, important technologies to create various experiences List of the Phone Number that marketers should know. Or an interesting case of using technology to really create a customer experience, which I will tell about in the next article. Share the knowlge! Adobebusinesscustomer experiencigital marketingexperienceomichannel see more details follow the news via line at nuttaputch.

List of the Phone Number

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